Walt’s thoughts in a couple of minutes.

Good Friday morning.
I went to the scheduled EDA meeting to accomplish a couple of things.

The room was filled with EDA Board Members the public, prospective BOS members and concerned Town and County members and perspective Town Members.

The meeting covered numerious issues concerning the existing EDA and its structure going forward progress seemed to be made for today I will leave it at that.

There was a closed session and additional info was passed which I was not yet a part. There should be less closed sessions when privacy, or needed confidentiality may not be required and the public should have the right to voice an opinion.

I was there more to meet members and set up future one on one talks to understand the how, why and direction the EDA system is supposed to work with the Town and County on a practical level. The Understanding of how things are run and how input can be provided to its members is a very powerful tool. It will be needed moving forward to election day and beyond.

I learned a lot by just being a part and listening.

The intent is to listen, learn and provide input when I can. Leadership comes from the development of methods for a positive change in the County.

If you have questions…. Ask
Want to visit with me… Ask (540-692-5801)
Hope to knock on your door or visit at a meet and greet soon.


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