Walt’s 5-minute stump speech

July 1, 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you about my candidacy for the Warren County Board of Supervisors from the Shenandoah District. 

Before opening the floor for questions on what you believe are the most pressing problems confronting Warren County in the aftermath of the EDA scandal — the worst embezzlement scandal in the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia — I would like to take a few minutes to explain:

  • My background.
    • Work experience.
      • Why I moved back to Warren County four years ago.
      • Why I believe I am the best candidate running for the Board of Supervisors from the Shenandoah District.

I was born and raised in Eden, North Carolina, graduating from John Motley Morehead High School there in 1971 at the height of the Vietnam War.  I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps for five years (1971-1976), which is one of the best decisions I ever made.  The Corps broke me down physically and emotionally — then built me back up — and that started the process of making me  into the man I am today.  My speciality in the Marines was aviation electronics.

Following military service, I worked in small electronics shops in northern Virginia for eight years (1976-1985).  This was followed by eight years in the banking and mortgage-lending business (1985-1993), specializing in commercial and residential loans.  During this time my wife Taffy and I and our two children lived in Front Royal, her hometown.  Taffy graduated from Warren County High School in 1971.

In 1993 — after our two children graduated from Warren County High School — Taffy and I moved to Las Vegas where I began a 21-year career (1993-2014) in the telecommunication industry as a project-manager.  I worked as a contractor for companies like AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.  Based out of Las Vegas, I would work for six to eighteen months at a time on telecommunications projects in California, Hawaii, Utah, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, and other areas. 

In 2014 I semi-retired and Taffy and I moved back to Front Royal.  We thoroughly enjoy living in Warren County.  This is a great county in which to live, work, and raise a family 

I strongly believe that my 21 years of project-manager experience in the private sector is what separates me from my opponent as the best candidate to serve on the Warren County Board of Supervisors from the Shenandoah District.  As a very successful project-manager, I was a person who was:

  • A problem solver.
    • Facilitator.
      • Negotiator. 
      • Human resource person.

I was also a good listener who spoke with confidence after listening to both sides of an issue.  These skills are badly needed on the current Board of Supervisors to resolve the EDA scandal and other pressing issues.

Before opening the floor to your questions, I wish to emphasize five points:

  1. Our community is currently in disarray because citizens feel betrayed.  They are angry.  They want someone on the Board of Supervisors who will listen — and then respond!  I am that person.  I have the skills to bring people together.  My opponent does not appear to be able to have these.  Unlike my opponent, I solve problems — not create them.
  • “Party politics,” in my view, play too big a role at the local level in America  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all have ideas on how to solve local problems. The key to serving people is determining which ideas work best for the community — then implement them.
  • I am a rock-solid conservative  — but am running in this race as an Independent because I do not want to be beholden to a political party.  I want to work for the people of Warren County — responding directly to them — not through the local political party.
  • I pledge to you to run a clean, positive campaign.  The reason is I am a positive person.  I don’t like to sling mud.  The key to serving people is anticipating and answering questions from all my constituents — then acting on the issues they raise.
  • Once this campaign begins in earnest, the four planks in my platform will be: a) Bringing together the diverse elements of Warren County to chart a patch forward.  b)  The county budget.  c) Education (representing half of the county budget).  d) Smart growth. 

That ends my brief look at my background, work experience, and why I am confident I will win this race.  What are your questions?

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